Upcoming Events - COVID-19 update

Due to the current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), we have suspended our normal in person events as listed below until further notice.

Instead we are offering a range of support to businesses across Northern Devon, both members and non-members alike which you can read about in our launch blog.  As part of these measures, we are moving our meetings online to keep business people in the area connected and offer support.

Although we have a few topics in the pipeline for the webinars, we are open to suggestions if you have a burning topic you would like covered, please use the form below or contact us.

Important - if you are not able to attend our online meetings, but would still like to talk to us to share challenges or concerns, have a confidential discussion, or just to find a listening ear, please do contact us.

Check our Eventbrite page for the latest event listings:

Our online meetings will be free of charge and will follow two formats:

Webinars - these will be an hour-long webinar format, offering learning or information to support businesses during the pandemic.  The first meeting will be held on Thursday 26 March 2020 at 12pm and will offer a Q&A with an expert panel on Business Survival during COVID-19.  With future plans of topics such as finance, recruitment and much more, we hope to support and inform through the period of social distancing.

Online meetups - these informal online meetups will offer an opportunity for businesses to come together to network or share.  Ensuring organisations across Northern Devon still have the opportunity to come together is key to keep communication and allowing people time to share will hopefully lessen the isolation in these tough trading conditions.

We will return to our normal in person events described below as soon as we are able

We run a number of events throughout the year.  As a Chamber, we try to keep these as varied as possible to ensure that there is something for everyone, from small to large businesses.  Scroll through our calendar on the left and click on the link for more details on each of the events on Eventbrite.

With a range of regular events such as our Laid Back Business networking events, to Business Leader Lunches, Chamber Clinics or workshops and seminars, there are opportunities to learn, grow and network in Northern Devon and beyond.  

We also partner with other organisations to deliver relevant events in our community.

Doing business in Northern Devon needn't be isolating - come and say hello or learn something new - you never know, it might be life changing (or at least business changing!).  

There is a vibrant business community across the region and our aim is to bring it together.  We genuinely believe in our purpose . . .

Building a better business community. Together.

If you want to see a specific event style or topic, use the form below to contact us with your ideas and we'll see if we can make it happen.

Eventbrite Calendar

For full event listing, including Partner events, click the logo to visit our Eventbrite page or visit the events section of our blog.

Unless otherwise stated, we operate a no refunds policy for our paid events.  Where the event is unpaid, we reserve the right to charge for non-attendance without 24 hours notice.

Thinking of hosting an event?

If you are a Chamber member or Partner organisation and you would like to host an event, then please get in touch.

For Chamber members we offer business visits to their premises to workshops or seminars where you can share and showcase knowledge with other members and non-members.

For Partner organisations we offer the opportunity to gather together businesses in a niche or industry for focus groups, seminars, or to deliver quality training and networking opportunities.

If you have an idea to host an event, let us know - we are always open to suggestions.  It doesn't have to be fully formed, it could just be the seed of an idea.

Send us your event idea

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Thanks for submitting your event idea and the appropriate Board Member will be in touch to discuss it further.


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