Member news: Do you process personal data via your website?

If the answer is YES – how do you make it safe?  Invest in an easy to understand e-book style guide called: WordPress and the Data Protection & Privacy Legislation Including Direct Marketing by Nigel Hellewell from eNaycH.

Developed through a passion for Getting Data Protection Right!

The Guide has been developed and published by North Devon based data protection and privacy practitioner, and Barnstaple Chamber of Commerce member Nigel Hellewell AMBCS: it is aimed at public or private organisations who are operating a WordPress website. 

Having previously been a database and WordPress developer before re-training as a data protection practitioner; Nigel has been motivated to change the perception of data protection & privacy (and the terrifying initials of GDPR) from being boring, bland and mundane into a positive by showing how important it is to Getting Data Protection Right!

A starting point

The Guide offers one source for the basic information that any organisation should need when processing personal data; no more trying to make multiple searches online for ‘GDPR advice for WordPress’ or ‘Data Protection advice for WordPress’.  

"I have tried to structure the guide in a manner very similar to my own data protection & privacy training," says Nigel, "Start with the basics; scope, definitions, principles, lawful bases, consent, documentation etc. then weave in the specific of the WordPress CMS". 

The Guide is over 100 pages, and Nigel feels that if every organisation adopts at least the basic WordPress setup, applies the security advice, cares for and maintains the website going forwards and then takes the steps in respect of the Data Protection and Privacy legislation, we will all be in a much better place than we are today.

Feedback for the Guide

"Thank you, is all I can say. This guide has enabled me to ensure all my clients provide a data processing agreement for hosting their website"
WordPress Agency

"I just thought GDPR was about the fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover. Never knew about the rest, until now"
Business owner with WordPress website

Get your copy

The guide is available online and costs £12.97.  Each copy is personalised with the buyers information which is, of course, covered under Nigel’s legitimate interests lawful basis of processing personal data!

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