Chamber Clinic

The Chamber runs quarterly Clinics, an opportunity for a free 30 min session of business advice.  This month we are offering a chance for a follow up with Nigel Hellewell of eNaycH Data Protection & Privacy Consultants, after the GDPR & Privacy legislation came into force in May of this year. This is another chance to put your questions to him on how it affects you and your business.

Data Protection & Privacy - the journey continues

The Applied GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 need to be used side by side going forwards in respect of any organisation processing personal data.

In simple terms, it's about personal data; any information that relates to, or identifies, individuals and how that data is processed.  Any UK organisation or individual that processes personal data, for anything other than private use is bound by the data protection and privacy legislation.

Nigel can help you evaluate systems & processes, make plans & test systems and implement updated systems, procedures & policies. 

Bookings for the free 30 min sessions will close at 1pm on Thursday 12 July 2018, so book our Chamber Clinic today!


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