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This business insight has been provided by member ISCA Barum Insurance Brokers as an update on two insurance issues: Whiplash Reform and the 6 Challenges facing Landlords.  This information has been reproduced from their website by kind permission and you can find the links for more information under each article.

Whiplash Reform - A change for the better?

In 2014/15, 75% of road traffic accident claims were whiplash claims, which is the most common injury following a crash. By reducing the amount of compensation a person can claim if they suffer from whiplash following a crash, the government hopes to make fraud a less attractive prospect.

However, as Paul Mayer – Isca Barum’s Claims Manager points out – ‘The argument against the proposed reforms is essentially a cautionary one, ie: what is to stop litigants in person and Claims Management Companies who will fill the gap left by Solicitors flooding insurers with claims - all for the promise of saving £35-£40 on car insurance?

To read the full article, visit the Isca Barum knowledge centre on their website to download the Whiplash Reform.v2

The 6 Challenges Facing Landlords

As Sarah Page – Key Client Director at Isca Barum says – ‘2017 has been a busy year for UK landlords with new regulations coming into force, an increased focus on fire safety, and lenders tightening the rules for portfolio landlords. But despite what some headlines would have you believe, it’s not all bad news for people with a buy-to-let portfolio. In fact, a number of the challenges could have a positive impact in the long run. We take a closer look at some of the key challenges facing landlords at the moment, and the steps which need to be taken to make the most of them.’

The six challenges are:

  • Landlord Tax
  • Fire Safety
  • The Housing & Planning Act
  • Greater powers for tenants regarding RROs
  • New energy efficiency rules
  • Buy-to-let lenders tighten portfolio rules

To read the full article, visit the Isca Barum knowledge centre on their website to download the The 6 Challenges Facing Landlords.v2


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